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A Neighborhood Tradition

The Tattler is a bimonthly publication of the North Rosedale Park Civic Association, currently distributed digitally on the NRPCA Nextdoor Page, the NRPCA facebook page, and to the NRPCA eblast list.

We welcome and encourage submissions!

Are you a New Business in the community? Submit your business info with a brief bio (who what where when why) and a high-resolution photo, and we will feature you!

Do you have a special announcement you’d like the community to know about? Get featured in our Announcements section. Send us your announcement and a high-resolution photo, and we’ll make sure to let the community know.

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Why You Should Advertise in the Rosedale Tattler

  • The Tattler has a circulation of 2,000, reaching over 1,800 homes and over 200 businesses every two month.
  • Many North Rosedale Park residents, who believe in supporting local businesses, look first in the Tattler to find a local business to purchase goods and services.
  • Tattler readers may not know about your business unless you advertise!

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